Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Light Snake Failure

Before I succeeded I had several failures. My first attempt at creating a light project involved stripping a coaxial cable to its individual parts.


I then dissected the internal cable into segements to use as a power wire .

Light Snake

The next step was to solder an led to each segment and encase it in hot glue while leaving the ground exposed

Light Snake1

I attempted to use the wire mesh as a ground casing, but failed. It couldn't carry the current well enough.

Light Snake2

I cut off the mesh and tried to wrap a braided copper wire (stolen from a lamp by the dumpster) to use as the ground instead. It worked!

Light Snake4

I wasn't happy with the brightness of the led's, so I gave them nine volts. "crackle pop pip zap" dead.....time to try again

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